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Your Roadmap to Pet Event Success

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Pawsome Pet Events by Course Creator - Laly Albate - Take your Pet events to the next Top Dog Level!

My name is Laly Albalate (A.K.A. Chef Laly,) and through my course, I have combined 30 years of successful pet business and event planning experiences to offer my Step-By-Step course... "Your Roadmap to Pet Events Success." From the creation of the first yappy hours in Miami to award-winning festivals and pet expos, this is the course you'll need to learn all the proven and tested event ideas and promotions for your successful pet events.

"As an Athlete and a Coach for many years, what I have found to be the KEY to becoming the BEST, is to take the knowledge that has been taught and IMPLEMENT IT.

My Course and Mentoring will GUIDE you through the Practice and the Implementation so You Will Succeed" - Laly Albalate

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