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Webinar How to increase your discoverability on IG

IG is becoming a go-to search engine for pet parents to find service providers, products and more...

That's why The Petworking has invited Jamie Ruden, a pet business marketing expert, to share her knowledge in this must-see webinar.

Do you ever wonder how your competitors are getting discovered on IG? Well, this tiny hack will help you be one of the first options when people are searching for your services on IG.

Ruden has shared valuable insights on enhancing discoverability on Instagram, particularly in light of its status as one of the foremost search platforms. By leveraging the tools provided, individuals can augment their presence on this popular social network and reach a broader audience interested in their pet-related endeavors. Ruden's expertise in this field equips aspiring pet business owners with the necessary knowledge to navigate Instagram's vast landscape and ensure their offerings receive the visibility they deserve.

Learn about how the IG Algorithm works, breakdown of the IG Bio, how to optimize your IG Bio, and a demo with one of our attendees to this webinar.

Jamie Ruden, founder of Be Spotted, has grown her first dog business to a thriving community of over 10,000 engaged pet parents. Now she is here to help you grow your pet business quickly, so you don't waste months or YEARS to get new pet parent clients. If your marketing or messaging isn't converting into new clients - you're losing business to your competitors. Jamie helps you define your superpower to eliminate competition and grow a loyal community that will not only buy from you but refer you consistently!

This webinar is open to all members of The Petworking community for a limited time. However, to access all the scheduled webinars featuring valuable topics and content, it is highly recommended to become a member. By joining The Petworking community, individuals gain exclusive benefits, including full access to a range of webinars designed to enhance their knowledge and skills in the pet business industry. Becoming a member ensures that participants can take advantage of the complete lineup of webinars, enabling them to stay updated and informed about the latest trends and insights in the field.

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