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My name is Patricia ValdeRuten, a marketing and advertising professional, entrepreneur and businesswoman with more than 25 years of experience in event and show production, including Agility shows and DogDays.I'm a full time Petlover, mom to  "Pistachio" a Golden-Maltese mix of 1,5 years.

I also honor Luna, my Jack Russell that passed away this year and was my biggest inspiration for 15 years.


I'm the director and host of the segment "Amor de Perros" in the Latin channel Nuestra Tele Internacional which is seen in 22 countries and author of "A dog's love" a memory book with hundreds of tips and advice for responsible petparents.


After moving to the US, I found out the importance of networking. I wanted to bring to the petbiz community alliances, promotion, and benefits, working together as a powerful community.

Driven by a passion to create a genuinely pet-friendly society, I am committed to finding solutions that emphasize the significance of responsible pet ownership – one that embraces its commitments and tackles challenges head-on, ultimately eradicating abandonment and mistreatment.I embarked on a journey to bridge the gaps and connect the dots. Our aim was to aid the valiant efforts of those who tirelessly rescue pets in need while also empowering pet business owners to contribute to the solution.This dual-purpose led to the birth of PetWorking Project Inc, a 501 (C)3 organization for a brighter, happier life for our beloved pets.


Customer Service

Emotional support expert and care giver. Also model of The PetWorking and greatest inspirator and content creators.

In loving memory of Luna 



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"Our mission is to become the foremost association of rescues and shelters in Florida (to start) with the aim of effecting social changes leading to the elimination of cruelty and abandonment of dogs and cats. Through our foundation, we support these organizations, promote education through our programs, and unite needs into a single voice to achieve our objectives."

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