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What is The PetWorking?

The Petworking is a non-profit organization committed to spreading a message of love, care and respect for pets and their families.

We also support and connect the pet lover community and pet businesses and entrepreneurs. 

We are the creators of special projects and events that allow us to achieve our goals in reaching both families with pets and pet business owners thus supporting a stronger and more responsible society. 

Our active projects:

PawOffers Magazine 


Kids N´Paws Academy

Pup-Art Events

NetWorkings and Expos

Who is The PetWorking for?

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To become a recognized organization with successful pet businesses and entrepreneurs working together as a community supporting our educational and cultural programs and events for a better pet-lover and respectful society.


Patty and Tachi met while walking "Luna" and "Matisse" and found out they both had in common a passion for dogs and the desire to do more for them and for entrepreneurs in the pet industry.

They realized that even though people and pet owners love their pets, there is a huge need for knowledge about their care and education for a better society. 

Also, they found that there are thousands of small businesses and entrepreneurs willing to increase their visibility into the pet biz market being inspired by their own pet-loving stories in their will and the possibility to provide a kind of quality service they would want for their own pets and be involved and committed to social programs and educational content.

This way, they decided to work targeting both interests by The PetWorking.

Patricia ValdeRuten is a Marketing and Advertising professional, entrepreneur and businesswoman with more than 25 years of experience in events and shows production, including Agility shows and DogDays. Patty is a full-time Pet lover and mom to 14-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, Luna; and Pistachio, the adopted Golden Maltese puppy.

She is the host of the section "Amor de Perros" in the Latin channel Nuestra Tele Internacional which is seen in 22 countries and author of a memory book with hundreds of tips and advice for responsible petparents.

Tachi Llamas is a Graphic Designer with over 25 years of experience. As a self-employed designer, she has founded community organizations such as MiamiPace and co-founded ArtCycle. Bringing together the athletic community and bike safety awareness through networking, partnerships, events, and exhibitions. As a designer to her athletic apparel line Designs by Ciclista, she has a keen eye for custom designs and products which stand out.
Passionate about pets, Tachi is excited about bringing her experience and people relations to the pet community and pet industry.

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