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Arnold Schwarzenegger introduces his new Pet Pig, Schnelly

Arnold Schwarzenegger is adding yet another animal to his ever-growing family of pets.

The actor and former California governor recently took to Instagram to introduce his new pet pig, Schnelly.

The name "Schnelly" derives from the German word "Chnell," meaning fast. According to Schwarzenegger, the name is fitting as the pig is "already faster than he looks."

Schwarzenegger's new pet pig joins a household full of other furry friends, including a dog, a miniature horse, and a donkey, as reported by People. The actor revealed that Schnelly is getting along well with his other animals.

In a recent interview with FOX 11, Schwarzenegger shared how Schnelly got his name, explaining that the pig was so fast that his girlfriend suggested naming him Schnelly. Schwarzenegger was inspired to get a pet pig after seeing his friend and co-star George Clooney's pet pig back in 2014 named Max, as he revealed in a previous interview with The Columbus Dispatch. Schwarzenegger admitted that he also had a pet pig before, but he purchased the wrong one, and it quickly grew to 300 pounds.

Aside from his pet pig, Schwarzenegger has four dogs, including Dutch, Noodle, Cherry, and Schnitzel. He also has a donkey named Lulu and a miniature pony named Whiskey. The actor is known for his love for animals and even takes them with him on trips and adventures.

Arnold Schwarzenegger new pet pig addition to his animal family is sure to delight his fans, who will undoubtedly be keeping an eye on his social media pages for more cute photos and updates on Schnelly and the rest of his animal family.

Arnold Schwarzenegger new pet pig

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