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A DOG´S LOVE is a beautiful deluxe scrapbook with lots of how-to-care tips, pages to fill your memories about your furry child, and customizable dog´s journal.

Perfect for children and families on the adoption process, and for all happy petparents.


The best gift for a loving dogowner!


You will enjoy every step of your beloved pet´s life by drawing, writing, inserting photographs, and personalizing this book as you want. A DOG´S LOVE contains health control charts, and a lot of advice regarding how to choose your pet, how to be prepared for his arrival, and how to care for and educate your best friend. You can customize it and make it your doggie memory book. 


SKU: 364215375135191
    • Deluxe Hardcover book with top-quality matte 132 pages that makes it a beautiful keepsake or the perfect gift for any dog lover.
    • Fill in the blank pages to write in your pet’s milestones, mischiefs, funny moments & your furry friend anecdotes. Glue in photos, create drawings, or scrapbooking frames and decorations.
    • Record vaccination dates, keep track of vet’s visits, medicine doses, deworming and flea control, weight changes, forbidden food, eating schedules, home remedies that worked, even your monthly expenses while taking care of your pet.
    • Dog’s love is also a very useful handbook with practical advice and tips on how to choose your new pet, prepare for his arrival, care, educate and train her with discipline and love.
    • This book provides tips and general information resulting from research, professional consulting and personal life experiences. The data here are merely recommendations and do not intend to substitute professional and veterinary advice.


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