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Pet Community Awards

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Our Pet Community Awards recognize those pet lovers working towards a more sensitive and caring pet society.

Pet Community Awards - October 2022 BarkYard n’ Brews South Florida's first outdoor off leash dog park & beer garden! We congratulate and celebrate the BYNB as a safe and clean outdoor Dog Park offering 10,000 square feet of outdoor, fenced in, off-leash play for you and your dog’s enjoyment. The BarkYard also features a splash pad for your dogs to stay cool and enjoy. @barkyardnbrews

Cats Meow Café is a unique approach to pet adoptions with there cat lounge where cats roam freely allowing guests to interact with several cats at once, connecting with their unique cat personalities.

Together with Miami-Dade Animal Services, Cats Meow Café aims to reduce the number of abandoned and homeless cats in our community. @thecatsmeowcafemia

Equipaws Pet Services In 2011, Flavia and Franca, along with Tom Wyss, founded Equipaws, a different kind of pet services company. One that focuses on relationships, quality care, and believes in going the extra mile (literally). More than pet services, Equipaws brings our pet community together thru movie nights, neighborhood pet friendly walks, bazaars and more! @equipawspetsmiami

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